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Agriculture - Youth Expo and Junior Livestock Auction General Information

Market Animal Projects for Sale

Last year's video, Bidding at the Auction

Ever wonder what the bidding at livestock auction were all about? This video may help you understand to concept better. May 6 at 3pm 
Are you interested in bidding on or purchasing a market animal project? Here are several ways to help!

1. Purchase an animal for home consumption! Buying at the auction is fun, rewarding and very easy. You won’t find fresher or better quality food for your table. Arrive before the auction starts, register for a bidder number, and pick out the animal(s) you wish to bid on. Then, bid during the auction. If you win, pay for your purchase and processing charges. We’ll coordinate services using the cutting/wrapping facility of your choice. We have several options to recommend. Charges for processing, cutting and wrapping are explained in the auction catalog. Great news! A portion of your purchase price is tax deductible.

2. Buy-back process - if you want to participate in the auction but don’t want the product, you can still have fun bidding! With “buy-back” all you end up paying is the difference between your bid price and the market price listed in the auction catalog. For example: if the bid value for an animal is $400.00 and the buy-back value is $250.00 you pay only $150.00 (the difference between the bid price and market price). You don’t get the product, but your entire investment is tax deductible, since we are a 501c3 charity.

3. Add-ons – contribute directly to any seller! Just fill out an add-on form and contribute any amount you want to one or more sellers. You can add anywhere from $1.00 to sky’s the limit. Again, it’s tax deductible and a wonderful way to show support for our youth!

SHOWORKS ENTRY: Wanting to show your animal or enter your projects in the Fair? Please click here:La Habra Citrus Fair Youth Ag Show Entry

Primary Organizations Exhibiting

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FFA (Future Farmers of America)

The FFA motto gives members twelve short words to live by as they experience the opportunities in the organization. Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve, to accomplish its mission, FFA:

  • Develops competent and assertive agricultural leadership.
  • Increases awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being.
  • Strengthens the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work.
  • Promotes the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.
  • Encourages achievement in supervised agricultural experience programs.
  • Encourages wise management of economic, environmental and human resources of the community. Develops interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations and social interaction.
  • Builds character and promotes citizenship, volunteerism and patriotism.
  • Promotes cooperation and cooperative attitudes among all people.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles.
  • Encourages excellence in scholarship
  • Wanting to show your animal at the Fair? Please click here: http://habra.fairmanager.com/login.aspx


4-H Mission: To provide knowledge, expertise and demonstration programs that will help youth develop into responsible, self-directed and productive members of the global society; and through the use of non-formal experiential education, to improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families and community 4-H Purpose.

The purpose of 4-H is to:

  • Provide youth with learn-by-doing educational experiences
  • Strengthen families and communities
  • Foster leadership and volunteerism in youth and adults
  • Use research-based knowledge from the land-grant university system

4-H Club Goals

The goals of 4-H are to help young people:

  • Develop skills that benefit youth throughout life
  • Acquire knowledge and skills and explore careers
  • Develop initiative and assume responsibility
  • Achieve satisfaction from work and accomplishment
  • Develop leadership and be of service to others
  • Choose from alternatives and plan satisfying lives
  • Develop the ability to live and work cooperatively with others
  • Develop positive self-images
  • Wanting to show your market animal at the Fair? Please click here:http://habra.fairmanager.com

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